Camp Ceasar Fund Raiser

The long-loved Camp Caesar and its Camp Luther program will be closed for the Summer 2020 season after their Board of Directors decided that they were unable to open for the spring and summer rentals due to the pandemic. 

    In honor of Camp Luther’s 75th Anniversary, they have launched a GoFundMe to raise $75,000 as a gift for Camp Caesar to replace the funds that will be lost by Camp Luther not renting the camp this year. 100% of the funds raised will help Camp Caesar get through the Summer of 2020, and be ready for a great year of camp in 2021!

    West Viriginians have come together to help, and in just three days, they have raised nearly $12,000 thus far. 

  You can learn more here: https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/75-for-75-c