West Union Police Department Makes Arrest for Allegations of Sexual Abuse

From: West Union Police Departments Face Book Report   

   On Saturday the 20th day of June 2020, Officer Garner of the West Union Police Department, was contacted by a female regarding a possible sexual assault. The female alleges the  victim was a step child of the defendant. 

   Then on Monday the 22nd day of June, officers Garner and Smith interviewed 35 y/o Mr. Derek Lee Towner of West Union. Mr. Towner who is a correctional officer at the Salem Correctional Center. 

   Mr. Towner advised Officer Garner that the allegations were true. And   admitted to 5 separate incidents over a three day period. 

   Mr. Towner was arrested and charged with 5 counts sexual assault 3rd degree, 5 counts sexual abuse by parent or guardian, and 5 counts incest. There may be more charges pending at a later date. He was transported to the North Central Regional Jail. Where his bond was set at $75,000 dollars.