Sheriffs Facebook Report

DC Sheriff’s Facebook Report

 On the 9th day of June 2020 at 2239 hrs. Deputy Garner received a call to request the assistance of K9 Blacky at the Shell station on Snowbird Road. The nature of the call was to assist the State Police for a free air search of a vehicle for narcotics. Upon Deputy Garner’s deployment of the his partner, Blacky gave a positive indication on the drivers door. Upon Deputies Garner and Modesitt’s search of the vehicle, there was a methamphetamine pipe found under the drivers seat. Also while searching the vehicle Deputy Garner located a box of ammunition on the passenger seat. Which a few moments later Deputy Garner located an AR15 type weapon in the vehicle as well. At which point Mr. Noah Reed was taken into State Police custody for felony prohibited person possession of a firearm. Also resulting in the gun being taken off the streets