You Have Just Been Told You Need Home Health Services What do you do/Who should you choose? You should be given your choice but how do you decide? CHOOSE DODDRIDGE COUNTY HOME HEALTH

   There is only ONE Home Health Agency that is based IN DODDRIDGE COUNTY. Quality care is provided by Home Health staff that care about you not only as a patient but also a person in their community.

    Doddridge County Home Health Staff are dedicated to their local community.  Workers are based locally and truly care about the quality of care they give as well as ensuring that your outcomes are the best that you can be.

   Doddridge County Home Health provides Physical Therapy Services and Skilled Nursing Services to clients who have a need for skilled care and a doctor’s order for this care.

   Some of the services provided by Doddridge County Home Health Therapy Services include orthopedic post op/ post injury/ or general rehabilitation services to restore you to your prior level of function or possibly adapting to a new level of function. These services are provided by John Todd Travis who grew up and attended school in Doddridge County. John has been providing therapy services to the people in his community for over 28 years.  Mr. Travis continues to live with his family in Doddridge County and operates his own Therapy Department in Salem at Travis Physical Therapy. In addition to Mr. Travis, Sara Armodio also works with the Physical Therapy Program. Sara is a Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant. She and her family also reside in Doddridge County.

    Some of the services provided by the Nursing Department are IV antibiotic teaching and monitoring, wound care and observation including wound vacs or other wound treatment ordered by the physician, foley catheter changes, medication monitoring and teaching, specific treatment of certain diseases and/or teaching both the patient and family how to properly manage these conditions at home, instruction on what needs to be reported to their physician early in the process to help avoid rehospitalization, and any other skilled nursing need ordered by your physician.  

   When you are in the hospital and are told you need Home Health Services you should also be provided with a list of agencies who provide Home Health to pick from. You have the say in who comes to your home to take care of you. Even though this list may not in alphabetical order and may have another ageny’s name in big bold letters first on the list if you look on down the list you SHOULD see DODDRIDGE COUNTY HOME HEALTH (Listed as Doddridge County Home Health in smaller letters).

    If you want quality care provided by people in your community, where monies created also stay in your community to keep it thriving then – 


    If you have questions about whether or not you qualify for Home Health Services call us at 304-873-1531 and we will tell you if you qualify.

   You need to have seen your Doctor recently and been diagnosed with a change in your condition or other skilled need. Or you may have been in the hospital recently with a change in your condition.

   The Doctor then writes the order for Home Health Services and either your doctor’s office or the hospital calls us with the referral. 

    We will then check with your insurance or other payor source to be sure you have coverage that includes Home Health which most do. 

    We will then call you and schedule a time convenient for you to be admitted to Home Health Services. 

   If you are in the hospital a discharge planner is usually the one who takes care of this but evenings or weekends it might be a charge nurse.  Once Home Health is mentioned just let them know you would like to  have Doddridge County Home Health. You should be given a the list to choose from too but telling them ahead of time will allow the discharge planner more time to make the necessary arrangements.