Gun Control

Dear Editor, 

   I’d like to write an editorial near to a lot of us. The topic is gun control.

It seems the Liberal cannot grasp the concept of personal defense, the science of shooting as a sport. Or how about personal defense?

Did you notice the gun sales went through the roof with this pandemic?  How many toilet paper hoarders bought firearms for the first time in their lives?

   I like to explain to the misinformed or uninformed the similarity of their ridiculous sport (to me) of golf.

   Golfers pay a premium for their favorite clubs, favorite balls and favorite coarse, or club.

   At the beginning a tee is set and a ball. Because of the science involved the ball is dimpled. Then the club is selected and the distance is measured.   The object of the game is to smack the ball toward the flag and sink the ball in as few strokes as possible.

   The golfer has to take in to account wind, trajectory distance, stance, club size and weight. If the stance is wrong the player may slice or hook. If the ball is hit with wrong club the ball may not travel the desired distance. Upon the second stroke the next club maybe be smaller, lighter, or wedged.

   If one has an open mind they will see the similarity with shooting.

  A favorite target is selected, an appropriate firearm selected with the appropriate cartridge caliber. What does the shooter need to check? Distance, trajectory, wind, humidity elevation and spin drift. Because of the science involved the shooter selects either handloads or preferred target or hunting loads.

   Isn’t that the same as golf? So why is golf considered a sport by the anti gunner but shooting sports are not? I do not play golf but I’m not anti golf.

I have seen the violent temper of a poor golf stroke. Broken clubs, clubs thrown, ranting with anger and foul language. Anger management seems in order for some.

    Because of ignorance the gun has taken a bad rap.

In some schools the students may take up archery. Again trajectory, distance,windage and elevation.

   I’ve heard the dignitary from New York when a terrorist drove a rental truck down a sidewalk wounding and killing people in his state, make the statement “we need more gun control”! Are you kidding me?

    Firearm safety was taught when I was in elementary school. Then the liberals and lobbyist made firearms EVIL.

Personal opinion. If guns are evil, golf is foolish. But I would not campaign on that.

   Have mercy! If you should anger a liberal. They argue and yell a lot. Especially if they are losing.

   In Virginia the liberal politicians threatened the public with gun control laws at the state legislature in January 2020. Sixteen thousand armed citizens and six thousand unarmed citizens on Martin Luther King’s birthday protested at Richmond Virginia. It fell on the deaf ears of the legislative body. The laws passed as written and the liberal governor signed it. Basically the law stated any firearm that can be modified in anyway is illegal.   Whether or not your rifle, handgun or shotgun is an antique, heirloom,   custom or classic it has been deemed illegal by the Virginia State Legislators. How would that stack up to West Virginians?

    One time I was in a discussion with a liberal. I still laugh at his debate skill. He was anti gun. I am pro gun. He threw the usual liberal argument.    I countered with a pro gun stand. He kept getting louder and more belligerent. I explained how I have had guns for decades and never pulled one in anger. Unless no other recourse a gun should never enter the argument.

   The last statement he made,” I guess you think we should all walk down the street carrying AK-47s! I said, “no! AR-15 because they are American made!

   He finally shut up.

   As a patriot and believer in our constitution I believe he has the right to   voice his opinion while I maintain my responsibility to defend his right to voice his opinion (and be wrong).

Lloyd Brightwell