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I Voted — Did you?

I have to say that I had a “first” today — Never have taken a selfie –at all — but I did today to celebrate the fact that we had in person voting on our (delayed) Primary Election Day! (would have shared this but it’s in an incorrect format!)

Yes, I could have (but didn’t) vote absentee … I could have voted early at the Courthouse (like I do most of the time) but today wasn’t just about casting my vote — It was about having the freedom to go to my polling place without fear of catching a dreaded disease or of being harmed! (And it’s a beautiful morning to exercise this freedom!)

This little trip 7AM put me on the road of memories about my family and our past involvement with elections.

I was brought up to believe that if you didn’t vote — you certainly did not have the right to complain when our elected officials were’t suiting you!

I remember back to when there wasn’t computers — the Courthouse was OUR polling place — Mom, Aunt Charlene, and all of the neighborhood women were the poll workers — and I was just tall enough to reach the ledge beneath the windows to sneak cigarettes, food and what ever else the poll workers wanted through the window.

Then roll forward a few years and my Dad’s numerous runs for Board of Education … There was a whole troop of kids that were paid to hand out his political cards at each of the polling places… (Couldn’t do that now though!!!)

Then there was the wait at the Courthouse — Initially for the first for each of the precinct to hand count the ballots and return them to the Courthouse on bad roads, in rain, snow or what ever type of weather that was going on … sometimes the wait would be until well after mid night and once, I believe, the election couldn’t be called because someone locked up the box with the keys to the lock in the box.

I remember my runs for office — the excitement, the fear — winning and loosing… and the years after putting up and taking down of the signs for candidates, working the phone banks, meeting new people to exchange ideas for a better tomorrow (which falls to today).

I also remember, as my parents went with me the first time to vote and how I did the same for my kids and every kid that was of voting age that should happen to darken my door on Election Day!

But what I don’t remember is worrying that Election Day with in person voting would not take place.

It is time that We the People put our fear to the side and take a stand by voting for who we feel will give us a better tomorrow not through hand outs, higher taxes but through holding fast to the foundation that our nation was built upon.

Please remember to VOTE!

Last but not least — A big THANK YOU to all those who have made this day possible for the citizens of West Virginia!

Tammy Beamer, Co-owner, Editor

The Herald Record