Thank-you — Calhoun Family

Do you think anyone will come to my funeral when I die, Daddy had asked me several times, I said no, probably not and we joked about it a lot of times. I can’t begin to thank all the people who came together to show their love and  respect for my father (Jack Calhoun) so many friends and people I didn’t know but of course he did,  that went out of their way to comfort us in our time of sadness and loss. Special thanks go to the Doddridge County Emergency Squared, the West Union Baptist Church, the West Union Fire Department, WVGV Radio Station and the Ambulance Authority who worked so hard to try to save his life. Pleas know every single one of you will never be forgotten for all your kindness and love. I’m sure Daddy  has chosen the fastest set of Angel Wings available and is flying high.

Thank-You Jackie, Alan and the Girls