Letter to the Editor — Thrasher

Dear Editor,

   I would offer this as a testament of someone I have admired for several years. 

   In the mid 1990s, I was working a water pollution control facility on the east side of West Virginia. The facility was effective in the treatment of the wastewater, however, the town had outgrown the hydraulic design capacity.

   The city advertised for engineer qualifications and nineteen firms responded.

   Each was given an honest appraisal and the sanitary board selected the top five scorers for interviews.

   Each firm’s representative was given tours of the facility and allowed to review the records. All information was at their disposal.

   Each was given an interview with the sanitary board before selection.

  One individual interviewed had evaluated information provided and explained to the board, “while I would like the opportunity to work on your project, the plant is well designed and operated. You have just outgrown it.”

   And with that statement he added a recommendation to hire the original designers.

   What kind of man would be that practical?

   The man’s name, Woody Thrasher.

   I have, through the years, remembered his integrity and honesty in dealing with the board and I.

   I have also recounted this encounter to others.

   Good Luck Woody Thrasher

   Lloyd Brightwell