Letter to the Editor — COVID-19

Dear Editor,

   We seem to be bombarded by fear mongers. Recently, I have while listening to the “news “ heard how potentially dangerous having a bottle of hand sanitizer in your vehicle during warm weather could be. That individual made it sound like 4 oz. of nitroglycerin.

    How incredibly simple minded can that individual be?

   Think about this for a moment. The small bottle of hand sanitizer is what? 4 ounces?

    I drive an average of 40,000 miles per year. Depending on the vehicle, each trip to the store, work, wherever, I am sitting on a 20 gallon gas tank with numerous fittings, connections and hoses from the tank to the injectors that can fail at anytime. Should I fear for my life of a fuel leak? Maybe my sanitizer should be carried in the bed of the truck where it can be vented.

    I keep a spare butane lighter in the truck, I use a Zippo lighter and keep a small can of lighter fluid in the truck. I also smoke in the truck, usually with the window down.

Oh my God! How have I lasted this long with all of these dangerous conditions on a daily basis?

   Honestly how many of you readers have been guilty of the same? Are you worried about any of these things on a daily basis?

    Is it any different with the current conditions of the pandemic?

   Because of the efforts by our population it has lessened now to slightly more than the flu. I’m not lessening the catastrophic effects of this horrific virus nor am I unsympathetic to the loss of life. But does every aspect of our lives have to be so detrimental to our well being?

   We need to get back to business now. We need to keep an eye on the status of the virus but be careful of the people in power who slow our recovery from the virus and the economic impact its had. We need to counter the nay sayers with positivity.

   We are Americans after all.

Lloyd Brightwell