Courthouse to be Closed to Visitors on Election Night and Commission Donations Decided.

The Doddridge County Commission met on June 2, 2020 at 9AM in the main courtroom at the Courthouse. All Commissioners were present and taking COVID-19 precautions. 

  The meeting was called to order after a brief moment of silence and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  The Commissioners approved the past meeting minutes as presented. 

   They each made a brief statement thanking those who were in attendance with Commissioner Means indicating that he had never seen this Country in the state it is in today and that we needed to pray. 

   As one of the added agenda items, “Discussion of the COVID-19 procedures for the Courthouse” the Commissioners spoke about the traditional opening of the Courthouse on Election night for those who would attended  to witness the counting of the votes and know who won the local elections. 

   The Commissioners decided to close the Courthouse and only allow for the candidates and local media to be in attendance during the counting. 

   Also discussed under this agenda item was the continuance of the precautions already in place, ie: the wearing of masks, 10 visitors at a time, records room being closed and bringing back the employees who have been working on staggered schedules. The consensus was to continue on with the precautions as agreed upon until the first meeting in July. 

   Catee Slater made it clear that voters have their right to vote and cannot be forced or their vote denied if they refuse to mask up. 

   Under Item 6 a. “Consideration of Use of Gym at Old Grade School, Kathy Herdon advised the Commission that the gym was not being cleaned at this time to CDC standards and with nice weather it shouldn’t need to be used until the fall of the year. The Commissioners all agreed with her and decided to take the use of the gym up in the fall. 

   Item 6.b. “Payment of Unused Compulsory Time’ was tabled.  

   Randee Britton, Commissioner’s Executive Assistant presented last years list of Commission’s Donations which included a list of those requesting donations for the upcoming Fiscal Year for the Commissioners approval. As each organization’s names were read off, along with the amounts given last year and the amounts requested, the Commissioners held a brief discussion and approved the amounts to be given. The total amount of $475,007 in Donations FY 20/21 was approved by the Commission which is $23,000 less than the 19/20 Fiscal Year.  

   The list as presented and provided can be found on Page 6 of this paper. The list seemed not to include DCEMS, Ft. New Salem, School Feeding Program, Project Isaac, Opportunity Council, School Day Plus, Smith Community Building, Town of West Union, most that made requests in the past and did not receive funding. 

   Moving on the Commission approved the purchase of two inflatable 

shelters at the cost of @ $25,000 for the Health Department from the $100,000 grant received from the State, to be used as temporary working space if needed in the future. 

   There were no Floodplain Permit Applications presented and Mr. Eidel moved forward with the OEMS Report first giving the Emergency Run totals for the month of May, that he is attending daily electronic meetings, there had been flooding in Greenwood caused by a stopped up drainage ditch and there is a Firefighter 1 Class being taught. 

   Neal Romain, DCAA Director reported the DCAA has a balance of $125,510.70 in the Primary Checking; $339,369.53 in the DCAA FUND and Income of $76,702.63 for the month of May 2020. 

   David King, CoW, reported the roof had leaked again around the fireplaces and had been repaired, the Air Conditioner required repair, Miranni and Richards had returned to re-point the columns, Plexiglass barriers had been installed in the Magistrate Courtroom and that plaster repair was necessary in the Magistrate Courtroom.

   On an addendum to the Commission Meeting, the Commission approved the Summit Bank’s, West Union and the West Union Bank’s, West Union Designation of Depository Bond.

   The Commission approved nine Exonerations and three Probate Orders. 

   Under Budget Revisions, the approved moving $10,000 from County Commission Professional Services and placed it into the Donation Account.