Commission Covid-19 Compliant Meeting

On May 19, the Doddridge County Commission’s regular meeting was COVID-19 compliant and called to order at 6:01PM in the upper court room of the Courthouse after a brief moment of silence and recitation of the Pledge of Alliance.  Minutes from the past meeting were approved, and each Commissioner greeted attendees.   

    On agenda item “Consideration of Courthouse Security Hire”, the Commission met with Sheriff Mike Headley in executive session from 6:02PM until 6:11PM followed by announcing that no action would be taken.

    The following were approved:  a proposal for Cyber Security to provide all internet service for the Courthouse offices; a $2,500 donation to the American Red Cross; a utilities cable franchise allowing Armstrong to provide services in the County.

   Proposed changes in the Floodplain Fee Schedule were approved as presented by Floodplain Manager George Eidel.  He explained that he had adjusted the schedule to avoid repeats.  He did not provide actual changes to costs associated with floodplain permits themselves.   

    Also approved was a grant proposal from MXLP to provide a specialized washer and dryer to launder fireman’s turn out gear presented by Eidel as OEMS Director.    

    He also presented a floodplain permit for a temporary water line for EQT in the Grove/Summers area. He was asked the cost of the permit and responded that he was not sure, to call him later.

    Eidel ended by providing his OEMS report stating he has been attending meetings via conference calls and has been keeping track of the need for and distribution of COVID-19 supplies.  He noted that he was required to report the water line repair by the Town of West Union that resulted in no water service for about 30 hours.   

   DCAA’s Neal Romain and Cody Joe reported that the DCAA’s primary account balance is $125,510.70; their FUND balance is $361,976.96 (of which $120,605 is payment for the DCAA wrecked ambulances and will be used to purchase the new units that are on order), and income is $58,248.94 for May.

    Cody Joe said they received and used their new isolation unit, but he did not say whether it was for an in-county emergency call or an inter-hospital transport.  They used both the isolation unit and their new PPE suits.

    David King, Clerk of the Works, reported the following:  The upholstery on the Courthouse benches needs to be replaced; he is working with Assistant Prosecutor Betsy Shaw on closing Cross Street, which will require approval from the Town of West Union; and he has ordered replacement hoses for the portable air conditioners.

    Chief Deputy Financial Clerk Beth Kellar presented for approval an $8,000 State budget revision to move funds from State Grants to Election Budget and a $12,511.00 budget revision to transfer an insurance payment to the DC Park budget to repair hail damage.

    No Exonerations or Probate Orders were presented for approval.

    Due to changes in the election dates, it was not clear when the voting machines should be tested.  However, it was decided the Commission would meet to test the equipment  at 3:00PM on Friday, May 22 if necessary.

    Attendees included:  all Commissioners, County Clerk Catee Slater, Deputy Financial Clerk Beth Kellar, Sheriff Mike Headley, Commission Executive Assistant Randee Britton, OEMS/Floodplain Director George Eidel, Clerk of the Works David King, DCAA Directors Cody Joe and Neal Romain, EDA Director/PSD Jennifer Wilt, community member Jim Musgrave, press members Mike Zorn and Tammy Beamer.