Letters To the Editor — Beavers

Dear Editor,

   It has occurred to me a similarity between the animal kingdom and humans exists. Take the beaver for instance.

   When first encountered the beaver appears to be industrious, energetic and intelligent. First the beaver will construct a small dam to cause a build up of water. The beaver will find small trees using the bark For food and the stick for structure of the lodge and dam. As it’s domain increases the destruction becomes more apparent. Small trees are cut. Mud is hauled two paws full at a time and packed around the twigs and sticks.

   The beaver does not realize the destructive nature of its intent to better itself. However anyone who has encountered this animal knows the peril of loss of real estate and loss of functionality of septic systems and the potential of excessive floods during heavy rains.

   Another byproduct of its endeavor to feed it’s self is sharp stumps in the woods. I have personally run my side-by-side through these areas and ripped the side walls of the tires. This is the detrimental effect of the uncaring beaver.

   I believe some of our politicians are exactly the same. To gain stature, position and popularity we can expect them to do (or say) whatever it is to their benefit.

   In order to achieve their agenda our politicians would, through promising betterments for you and I, pass a bill to appear to be beneficial. In that bill because of “deal making” to gain support from other dignitaries, will be so much “pork” not related to the bill’s intent and causing higher taxation at a later date. Write a bill for trillions of dollars today in the name of helping in relieving the effects of this pandemic and add pay raises for themselves. Also writing exemptions for the same regulations we have to live with. Look at the exemption Congress wrote for itself regarding the Affordable Care Act.

   Let’s look at this for minute. If the bill were written to benefit you and I today, our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will be over taxed in the future to make the payments that will only cover the interest.

   Getting back to the beaver, the bog created by damming up the drainage area will create a non-productive swamp.

   Sound familiar? Without term limits our political system gets clogged in D.C. the same way.

   My personal opinion of this situation is salaries should be capped to the mean household income for the district they represent. Make them responsible for their own transportation, meals with the same limits we have to comply with. If they had live as the average taxpayer they would not be in politics.

    We the people will, through the passing of the current bill proposed, will incur the need to pay increased taxes. That means, should you be allowed to return to work, the tax rate would possibly change dramatically.

   Our politicians are proposing trillions of dollars to relieve the cost of poor management of certain states.

   Should we in West Virginia have to pay for the follies of New York and California?

   I would suggest that all of us break out our dictionaries and look up the word “fair”.

   Is it “fair” for you to pay for your neighbor’s vehicle “. If so, instead of a Smart Car, your neighbor would drive a Mercedes.

   When I go to the polls these will be what I use to make my decision.

   I may have wandered off the reservation somewhat, but we need to think and go to the polls.

   Lloyd Brightwell