Letter to editor — Thrasher

Thrasher for Governor

Dear Editor:

   I have seen firsthand how Woody Thrasher loves and believes in West Virginia and our people.

    Since he announced his candidacy for Governor last year, thousands of folks have shared with him their agreemnt that the Mountain State has untapped potential. Like so many of us, Woody is distressed by so many of our young people leave home to wok and live in neighboring states.

   Woody dreams of bustling West Virginia communities where parents work and raise their children, but he knows it doesn’t have to be a dream.  He  feels that we have the ability and willpower to overcome the challenges that contributed to a population decline of 37,000 state residents during the past three years.

   We cannot wait for our incumbentGovernor to show up for work and decide to do the job. Woody is a conservation Republican who will provide the full-time leadership we desperately need. We do not have to wait for success. Woody fully supports President Trump’s agenda and respects his game- changing leadership.

   West Virginia must inspire the creation of jobs to give our children and grandchildren the chance to work in West Virginia. Woody whole heartedly respects our Republican- led legislature, which continues to make our state more appealing to job- creating investment. He supports, tax reform and elimination of overzealous government regulations. As Governor, Woody will join the Legislature in working to make West Virginia the best place in the nation to do business.

   West Virginians must have access to quality education the prepares them for careers. We are working hard to provide that vital service, and Woody knows we can do more.

   We also must improve our infrastructure, including our neglected highways, deficient broadband networks and inadequate water service and wastewater treatment. Woody is a civil engineer by trade. I know he can make a plan and execute it.

   Woody is pro-life, supports our right to bear arms, opposes government intrusion in our lives and businesses, he developed a comprehensive Drug Crisis Action Plan that is effective and compassionate, and he opposes any city in state becoming a sanctuary for illegal aliens.

   Woody and his father developed their business in West Virginia, and he raised his children here. He is energized and committed to work side by side with the people of West Virginia to forge a vibrant, prosperous future. He has pledged to work harder than any candidate to bring about the changes we sorely need. Woody knows the values of our people and is prepared to champion our beliefs every day.

   Please join me in supporting Woody Thrasher for Governor of West Virginia.

Lewis A Swann