Courthouse News Release

May 14, 2020

The Doddridge County Commission has taken significant steps to date to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus, but the virus remains a serious threat to the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Further efforts and actions are necessary to disrupt the spread of the virus and to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

Beginning May 18, 2020, the Doddridge County Commission will operate with new protocols for granting public access to the Courthouse and County annex buildings to mitigate the threat of exposure and contamination. The Doddridge County Commission implements the following protocols:

1. Masks or facial coverings must be worn in the common areas of the Courthouse or while interacting with the public.

a. Masks and/or facial coverings will NOT be provided by the Commission.

b. Individuals not wearing a mask or facial covering may be denied entrance to the Courthouse.

2. A social distance of six (6) feet from other individuals and Courthouse personnel should be maintained for the safety of all parties.

a. Individuals should observe signage and markings that designate social distancing requirements.

b. Parties will no longer be allowed to wait in the common areas of the Courthouse.  Once the imposed limit has been reached, individuals need to remain in their vehicles or on the Courthouse grounds until they are called for their appointment.

c. Each individual is asked to provide a working telephone number whereby they can be reached when it is their turn to come to the office requested.

d. Only the individual conducting business will be granted access to the Courthouse. All other members of their party must remain in their vehicles.

i. A limit of ten (10) individual members of the public will be granted access to the building at one time.

ii. Each office has imposed a limit of two (2) individual members of the public at one time.

3. Social niceties, i.e. shaking hands and/or hugging are strongly discouraged.

4. Individuals are encouraged to use regular mail, call, and email our offices for information and to conduct business when possible.  

a. If business must be conducted in person, please call ahead to schedule an appointment with the appropriate office.  

b. The Doddridge County website can be used to access all the online services provided for payment of taxes, researching records, and viewing mapping information. Contact information for county offices and other county agencies are available on the website at and posted on the Courthouse doors.

5. Persons who have a fever, or other common COVID-19 symptoms, can NOT enter the Courthouse or interact in person with courthouse personnel or other individuals requesting access. Persons should remain home for fourteen (14) calendar days after the onset of symptoms. Persons with suspected COVID-19 symptoms should seek testing as instructed by health authorities or medical providers. Additionally, persons who have been in contact with or potentially exposed to someone who tested positive for the virus shall similarly quarantine and refrain from such Courthouse activities.

6. Should a person test positive for COVID-19, another “negative” test needs to be obtained before that person is allowed back into the Courthouse or its immediate environs.

The Doddridge County Commission