Letter to Editor

Dear Editor,

   As I see our news publications as being the voice of, we the people and freedoms to the press as being our equal rights to freedom and speech and expression, I ask do we or do we not have to go on living after the Coronavirus Pandemic is over, are our 2020 Elections count going to be accurate or how long will it take to sort it all out? Compared to how some at our election has ended up in the past? Will it be a majority popular vote or minority oriented turn out at the poll on Election Day counting the absentee vote and how many register voters will bother going to the polls to start with as others cribe? Will it really be a fair Majority decision or by electoral college? These questions I ask? Do we even know that much about our state or presidential candidates or where they stand until the issues, we will be electing them for? Will Jim Justice and Donald Trump be evaluated under the past four years in whole or just by how they  handled and conducted the Pandemic crisis?

Leonard C. McIe

6652 Alexander Rd

RT. 1 Box 65

French Creek, WV. 26218