Letter to the Editor # 2 — Brightwell

Dear Editor,

   I’m writing this because our political leaders have performed so pathetically.

   When our government advised a social distancing policy and the possibility of shutting down nonessential businesses the American people responded admirably. 

    When the first bill from the house of representatives came out there was $35 million appropriated for the Kennedy Center. My question would be is the Kennedy Center actually essential?

   The West Virginia minimum-wage is $8.75 per hour. Multiply $8.75 per hour times 40 hour week equals $350 a week. Take $350 per week times eight weeks equals $2800 for the duration of “the stay at home” policy and business shut downs.

   If you take $35 million for the Kennedy Center and divided by the $2800 for the eight week shut down equals 12,500 families that could have at least drawn minimum-wage . This would have supplemented their income losses.

   The Kennedy Center is not essential from the standpoint it is usually used as entertainment for people who can afford the Tickets, refreshments, parking, limos etc.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not against these people who can afford a night on the town. Congratulations to them and I am not jealous, however, and perhaps slightly envious. But I would rather be me. My most enjoyable times are spent in Doddridge county where I eventually hope to make home.

   $2800 for 12,500 families, people who pay the taxes so the Kennedy Center can flourish and the elites can be entertained, was sacrificed.

   This instance does not include the green deal movement that is limiting the emissions from jet aircraft engines, who by the way is patronized by the elites. I mean God forbid our political leaders should ride the train to get from DC to New York or from DC to San Francisco to enjoy their $12 pint ice cream.

   We have one New York Congress person who thinks the country should not go back to work at all. That would completely cripple our economy. However she is a self proclaimed socialist. I have not seen that individual sacrifice anything since taking office.

   I know that I can’t be the only one setting down to evaluate some of our political leaders, however it really burns me that 12,500 families have been put on hold because of political agendas. I’m not promoting liberal, conservative, Democrat, or Republican politics. Each category has their own bad guys/gals.

   Our government is supposed to be set up for governance, by the people, for the people and of the people. Not, rule people, against the people and by the elite. I believe that is a description of Argentina?

   Now that I have spouted off, I believe I’ll sit down and enjoy a small bowl of my five dollar a gallon ice cream. 

Lloyd Brightwell