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County Commission Holds Very Brief Meeting

   On April 21, 2020, at 9:01 AM, after holding a moment of silence and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, Ronnie Travis called the regular meeting of the County Commission Meeting to order. 

   Present in the room were Commissioners, Travis and Shawn Gaspell, County Clerk Catee Slater, Chief Deputy Clerk Beth Kellar, and Commissioner’s Executive Assistant Randee Britton.  Commissioner Means was absent due to COVID-19 concerns.

The Commissioner’s Room was setup to allow for “social distancing” and all of those in attendance were wearing face masks. 

   Along with regular business items, the Agenda item, “Approval and Laying of the Property Tax Rates”, a mandatory action,  was listed as the primary business to be considered with “Consideration of setting up a COVID-19 Fund” being added to the Agenda at a later date. 

    After approving the minutes to the past meeting the “Approval and Laying of the Property Tax Rates” was approved rather quickly. 

   The Commissioners were asked if our tax rates were increased or decreased. 

   The Commissioners responded the tax rates  were increased by mere pennies with Beth Kellar providing the numbers of 13.59% per thousand for the County Property taxes and 2.5% for the County Special Levy.  It was later found that last year’s rates were 13.45% per thousand and the Special Levy was 2.50% per thousand.  

   The Commissioners also approved an Order to set up the County’s Covid-19 Fund  which states: “On this the 21st day of April, 2020, the Doddridge County Commission hereby unanimously approves the creation of a special revenue fund, pursuant to Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 34, paragraph 66. The fund shall be called the “Covid-19 Fund” and will be designated Fund # 206. The fund’s source of revenue shall be monies received from federal, state and local governments, and any other designated relief efforts. This money shall be placed in a non-interest bearing checking account and shall only be used to cover expenses that are necessary expenditures incurred due to the public health emergency with respect to COVID-19 pandemic.

   This account will be used to receive and disperse funds such as the $100,000 “Hero” funds received by every County from the State Government. 

   In-house budget revisions approved included: County Commission’s Budget — $8,500 from Travel to Telephone; County Clerk’s Budget — $1000 from Records Room to Legal Publications; Prosecuting Attorney’s Budget — $1000 from Professional Services to Dues and Subscriptions; and Animal Control Budget $4000 from Equipment to Supplies. 

   There were two Exonerations and no Probate Orders. 

   The meeting was adjourned after  paying of the invoices presented.