Absentee Ballot Information from the Doddridge County Clerk

Dear Voters,

  If you have already requested an absentee application, received the application, mailed it back and got your ballot or you have mailed your application back and are waiting for your ballot, you do not have to fill out the 2020 Primary Election COVID-19 Mail-in Absentee Request.

   If you have not requested or applied for the application, please fill this 2020 Primary Election COVID-19 Mail-In Absentee Request and mail it in to the County Clerk’s Office. Every registered Voter in Doddridge County will receive this application.

   If you do not receive this application in the mail in this week or next, please call us at the Doddridge County Clerk’s Office (304) 873-2631 and we will send you an application.

   Please fill out the application to receive your Ballot by mail, this will help keep the Pollworkers and Staff safe and healthy. If you have questions or concerns call us at 304-873-2631. Thank you for your time and cooperation.