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Public Notice: New Dates for 2020 Primary Election Published


West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner — Changes in Dates and Deadlines for the 2020 Primary 

Election, Which Will Now Be Held on June 9.

   On Wednesday, Governor Jim Justice moved the Primary Election back 28 days from May 12 to June 9. Information regarding the upcoming election, including how to register to vote and vote absentee, can be found at

   Jan. 1 – June 3: Eligible voters may apply for a Primary Election absentee ballot

   April 24: County Clerks to begin mailing absentee ballots to voters who have submitted absentee applications to county clerks

   May 14 – 20: Sample ballots published in local newspapers throughout the state (publication dates will vary by county)

   May 19: Voter Registration Deadline

   May 27 – June 6: Early Voting In-Person period

   June 2 – 8: Official List of Candidates or Sample Ballot published in local newspapers throughout the state (publication dates will vary by county)

   June 3: Deadline to submit Absentee-by-Mail Application (must be received by county clerk on this date)

   June 8: Deadline to hand-deliver Absentee Ballot to County Clerk’s office 

   June 9: Deadline to mail Absentee Ballot to county clerk (must be postmarked by this date)

   June 9: Primary Election Day (in-person voting locations may differ from regular polling location during COVID-19 pandemic; contact county clerk for more information)

   June 10: Absentee Ballots mailed without a postmark accepted (absentee ballots without a postmark cannot be counted if received by county clerk after this date)

   June 15: Start of Canvass (absentee ballots postmarked by Election Day will be accepted if received by the start of Canvass)

   All registered voters will receive an application to request an absenteeballot for the June 9 Primary Election from their County Clerk by mail in early-to-mid April. Absentee request forms can also be printed from or obtained by requesting a form from your County Clerk by email, phone, fax or in person.

In an effort to ensure access to a ballot while keeping voters, election workers, and the public safe during the Primary Election, Secretary Warner recommends that voters use the absentee ballot process to vote.

   Always remember to consult only trusted sources for election information, which are the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office and your local county clerk. County clerk contact information is located at The WVSOS Elections Division can be reached at [email protected] or by phone at 304-558-6000.