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Letter to the Editor

Dear Herald Record

  World  War II ended on September 2nd 1945. The year 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the ending of this great war. 

   While in the service, my mother’ uncle, Harold Spencer, wrote a letter to his mother while overseas on April 18th, 1945. I thought that possibly the paper would be interested in republishing it within the history section. 

Sincerely, Anthony Rossetti

   The letter that follows was written by Harold Spencer, who is with the U.S. forces in Germany, to his mother, Mrs. Harrison Spencer, of West Union, the former Miss Jennie Davis, a sister of Herbert T. Davis of West Union.

Anthony Rosetti 

“April 18, 1945

In Germany

Dear Mother,

   I thought I would try and write you a few lines again today, for it has been sometime since I have written but we sure have been busy the last few weeks. Well, Mom, another year has rolled past, and it will soon be Mother’s Day again. I thought this time last year that I would be with you for Mother’s Day this year. But instead, I am in a foreign country known as Germany. I had planned on sending you something for Mother’s Day but since I am stationed in Germany, it will be impossible to send you anything, even a card. So since I am unable to buy you anything, all I can do is write you a Mother’s Day letter.

   As Mother’s Day approaches again and me so many thousands of miles from home in an enemy country, I think so much more of home and you, Mom; how you have sacrificed things in life so us children could have things so much more convenient. Speaking for myself, and also for Junior and Bud, we sure would all like to be home with you on this Mother’s Day. But I feel as though God has different plans in our life at the present time. But we have so much to be thankful for – that we are all in good health and safe. While we are a long ways apart, we know that His guiding and protecting hand watches over us. I know, Mom, you worry a lot about us boys for that is only natural for a Mother to do but please don’t worry for we will all be at home one of these days before too long.

   It sure will be a great day when we all can gather around the family altar again but until then, Mom, keep praying for us boys and trusting God for the best. Take good care of mine and Junior’s family until we can be at home. Above everything, please don’t worry and keep that chin up.

   I thank God for a good Godly mother like you have been to me. You have made our boys’ lives so happy. So until we can be together again, keep trusting God and praying for us. No, Mom, I don’t get to go to church but I read my Bible and pray every day. May God richly bless you this Mother’s Day and the future Mother’s Days to come.

Your oldest son,