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weekly shaman by chris friend

 With Easter coming up I decided to do a Shaman on Eggs. Eggs are a common symbol for beginnings as well as life.

   In most cultures eggs are used in a variety of Spring rituals. With Easter being the most obvious. In some countries eggs are used in magical rituals to ensure a good harvest. In Germany a paste was made from eggs, flour and soan, which was smeared on plows the Thursday before Easter. In old Russia the practice of decorating eggs was quite common. The practice seems to go back to the Ice Age with decorated eggs found in ancient graves. Placing eggs in burial sights could be found among the Romans as well as among the Slavic people. It would seem that placing eggs in the graves would aid in resurrection of the dead. The use of colored eggs to decorate trees in Spring is also ancient. This was another magical ritual to help Spring off on the right foot. Again eggs being the springboard of rebirth. The rolling of colored eggs was seen as symbolic of the rolling away of the stone covering Christ’s tomb. Sometimes the eggs are colored red symbolizing Christ’s passion. And so it goes.