Political Candidates

Justin Holtz Candidate for Doddridge County Board of Education

  I, Justin Holtz, am currently running for Doddridge County Board of Education. Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak in West Virginia, for the past week, I have not been and I will continue to not campaign in our traditional door-to-door manner. I am respecting everyone’s concern with keeping a safe distance from one another. I do not want to put anyone or his/her loved ones or my family at risk in catching this virus. Hopefully, after this virus subsides, I will be able to continue the door-to-door method because I enjoy meeting new people and seeing old friends. At this time, I encourage anyone who has concerns or questions about me running for our county’s Board of Education to call me or email me. I can be reached at (304) 476-6508 or [email protected]. Please support me for Doddridge County Board of Education. GOD bless everyone in these trying times.