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DCEMS Official Release

From: Kristopher J. Barron, Executive Director Doddridge County Emergency Squad Inc

   Due to the Coronavirus and with putting the health and safety of our employees and patients Doddridge County Emergency Squad will restrict all access to our building and units. Our facilities will be locked 24 hours a day and will allow employees only, when using our services we will not allow family members to ride in the units with the patient unless it is a minor child or the patient does not have capacity to make his or her own decisions. Our crews will wear proper protective equipment with every patient encounter, whether the patient has signs of COVID 19 or not. Our units will be disinfected after every patient. All of our classes offered through the Marvin Brissey Educational Center have been canceled until further notice.

   Our crews have been trained and will be kept up to date with all CDC guidelines and will follow all CDC guidelines, as they change daily.

   All of our services will still be available for emergency and non emergency transports by calling 304-873-2211 or 304-873-2246.