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Kristi McDonough has a Long Time Record of Voting to Improve our Schools

In the 2016-2017 School Year we added additional safety to our schools.  We have looked at each school and determined how to make it safer.  We have implemented safety reporting requirements throughout the district, we have added a safety lane at the Middle School to protect our students as they are dropped off and picked up; we made safety improvements at the Pre-K building; we have added a safety entrance at the board office and we are beginning work on a “safe-schools”
entrance at the Elementary School. These improvements for safety are long term solutions to a problem we seek to avoid every day.  In cooperation with the Doddridge County Commission, we have a PRO at the Elementary School. During this time, we hired a county mental health specialist, which brings a clinical specialist to those students most in need of mental health intervention.  

   We continue to improve our facilities to make them the best in West Virginia.  The Auxiliary gym, classrooms and weight facility is opened at the High School.  This will permit two simultaneous practices to be conducted after school.  This will permit students who are in winter sports to ride the activity bus and get home at a more reasonable hour.  It also means that our facilities will be able to be better utilized by the community.  The taxpayers of Doddridge County will be able to use the facility more often.

   During 2016-2017 school year we also developed a “Farm to School” program whereby food grown in greenhouses at the high school and middle school will be used at the schools, and that’s just the beginning…

Vote Kristi Evans McDonough May 12 for Board of Education.  Your influence, support and   Vote are appreciated.


Working Hard to Make Our Schools the BEST!