DCMS Participates In Regional Science And Energy Fair

On February 29, 2020, Doddridge County Middle School participated in the Regional Science and Energy Fair at Fairmont State University. For the first time in school history the Fair was run under the guidelines of the State Board of Education.

   With the help of Sherry Mitchell, Fairmont State Regional Science Fair Coordinator, Mr. W. Ezell Doddridge County Science Fair Contact Person, Doddridge County Board of Education, Mrs. Jennifer Davisson and Mrs. Lori Lett, we were able to obtain ten slots for Doddridge County Middle School. These were the projects that placed 1st at D.C.M.S. in the six categories.

   Below is a picture of the Regional Science Fair students, their names, Categories, and where those ten projects placed at Fairmont State University, in the 2020 Regional Science and Energy Fair.

Div. II


Color and Taste, Angelena Zifka, – 1st Place


Chemistry, Homemade Lava Lamp, Kloe Fragmin/Patience McKinney – 2nd Place

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Who has Better Memory, Girls or Boys, Selena Riley/Emmalea Swick – 3rd Place

Energy, What’s Poppin?, Madison Lagassee/Emma Grace Frankenberger – 3rd Place

Material Science, Ice, Ice Baby, Heidi Kniceley/Alexia Whitehair – 3rd Place

Medical Science, Do Colors Affect Memory? Ryleigh Jordan – 3rd Place

Microbiology, Does Temperature Affect the Growth Rate of Bacteria, Makenna Curran, Danika Garvin – 2nd Place

Physics and Astronomy, Reaction Time, Sidney Hinzman/Peytin Lamp – 3rd Place regional.

Submitted by Karlotta Hawkins.