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2019 School/County Science Fair 2020

On Friday, January 17, 2020, Doddridge County Middle School held its Annual School/County Science Fair. This year the Fair contained forty (40) projects, fifty-nine students, in six categories: 5th Grade, Chemistry, Health and Medicine, Matter and Energy, Zoology, and Behavioral/Social Science. Below are the names of the students that participated, the title of their project and where they placed in the county.

5th Grade, Ella Powers, Hydraulics, 1st Place


Trace Davis/Clayton Booher, Wyatt Cochran, Affect of different liquids have on egg shell -1st Place

Kloe Fragmin/Patience McKinney, Homemade Lava Lamp, – 1st Place

Chemistry II

Makenna Curran/Danika Garvin, Cleaners and Germs, -1st Place

Katie Ravin, The Firesnake – 2nd Place

Noah Molina, Laundry Detergent, 2nd Place

Chemistry III

Emma Frankenberger/Madison Lagasse/Josh Berke, Which Brand of Popcorn Pops Best – 1st Place

Health & Medicine I

Maria Bee/Ava Wekseeth/ Cloe Tallman, Does Smell Affect Taste, 3rd Place

Colt Sutton/Brandon Hileman, Kordale Travis, Does your Sport Affect your Speed and Distance? – 2nd Place

Cecila Shields/Lillian Walters, Can you tell the difference Between Name and Off Brand? – 2nd Place

Kylie Richards, Brain Cancer – Which Treatment Works Best? – 1st Place

Lydia Wright/Brenda Janevski, How much Iron in Different Cereals, – H.M.

Health & Medicine II

Abby Thomas/Amber Jones/Kale Hart, Does Being an Athlete Affect Your Lung Capacity? – 3rd Place

Sidney Hinzman/Peytin Lamp, Does Age Affect your Reaction Time – 1st Place

Leona Burge/James Smith, Where Does Ear Wax Come From? – H.M.

London Amos, Rethink your Drink, – H.M.

Payton Trent, How does Smell Affect Taste? – 2nd Place

Matter & Energy

Alexia Whitehair/Heidi Kniceley, Which Brand of Cup Keeps Ice From Melting the Best? – 1st Place

Addy Cooper/Brooke Burnside, Which Recipe Makes the Best Rock Candy? – 3rd Place

Chase Moss, Does the Temperature of a Battery Affects How Long it Works? – H.M.


Alivia Doak/Liam Hill/Kennedy Cavins, What does a Geiko do Most of During the Day? – 3rd Place

Brandon Mace, Taxidermy – 3rd Place

Behavioral/Social I

Emmalea Swick/Selena Riley, Dalton Melillo, Which Gender has The Best Memory? – 1st Place

Ryleigh Jordan, Does Color Affect Memory? – 1st Place

Mya Shultz, How Does Music Affect Memory? – 2nd Place

Behavioral/Social II

Haley Lynch/Lilly Shepherd, What is the Most Effective Way To Study? – H.M.

Brayden Swentzel/Desire Shultz, How is your Accuracy? – H.M.

Angelena Zifka, Color and Taste – 1st Place

Kalie Singer, Does Gum Help you concentrate When Taking a Test? – 2nd Place

Submitted by Karlotta Hawkins